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Date: 2013-10-02
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Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Star Ruler Patch -

[Fixed] Fixed a "Effector Data Mismatch" bug that many people were experiencing.[Fixed] Significantly improved performance with AIs late-game.[Fixed] Fixed a memory leak when loading a saved game.[Fixed] Autosaves are now disabled when paused.[Fixed] Planets with extremely low population are no longer useless until purged.[Fixed] Pirates were not updating their hulls, leaving them very vulnerable as the game progressed.[Fixed] Pirates were starting with random tech levels, sometimes causing them to be excessively powerful.[Fixed] "Update Threshold" on blueprints is no longer lost when saving the blueprint.[Fixed] Mining lasers with an emergency power supplying all The Power needs caused an error.[Fixed] Ammo usage wasn`t updating when a modifier that affected it was added.[Fixed] Pausing the game in multiplayer could cause newly connected clients to divide by zero in their interpolation, making stars vanish.[Changed] When a planet is lost, everything yet to be built, and without any progress, are removed from the build queue.[Changed] Reduced AI difficulty on lower AI settings.[Changed] The right-click menu is now implemented in scripts.[Balance] Planetary weapons gain range when on a Ringworld (10x base range).[Balance] Fighter Hulls can now be made bigger as their tech level is increased.[Added] Multiplayer option to prevent AIs from taking over player empires when they disconnect.[Added] Added three special types of systems that offer unique tactical choices.

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